Mountains, Music and Malts

Adventures of a Midwesterner in the Mile High City

23 Sep

The National. Riot Fest Denver. Love this band so much so it was amazing to see them another time on this tour! However the sound was absolutely horrible…too much bass bot enough vocals. But whatevs….I still sang along anyway! Oh and did I mention it poured down on us? 092114

22 Sep

One last game with the cousins before the season ends. Rockies vs Diamondbacks 092014

18 Sep

A little Hoosier action in the Mile High city! 090714

18 Sep

Let’s face it, running sucks. It really does. And the only way I like to run is if I have a good playlist that can help me overcome the whole feeling of stopping and walking. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been listening to for the past couple of weeks.

(Source: Spotify)

16 Sep

Tuesday night. Delicious tunes and delicious beer.

16 Sep

"Looking at someone’s iPod was like looking into their soul. In their music you could see who they were. You could tell if they were sophisticated or rough. You could see in their playlists the moments they fell in love and the moments they fell back out again. You could see the filthiest, nastiest hip hop in the little white boxes of the primmest people, and know their inner lives a little better than you did before." So True.

From the article

15 Sep

Beer and zoo animals. What could go wrong? Just don’t drink a bunch of IPAs on an empty stomach. 091214

15 Sep

Deliciousness in Golden. Especially this Ryerish stout. Mmmm good.

11 Sep

God. I love Damien Rice. And I couldn’t be more excited for his new album to be released in November.

05 Sep Arctic Monkeys. Red Rocks. Lots of rain but an amazing time.

Arctic Monkeys. Red Rocks. Lots of rain but an amazing time.