Mountains, Music and Malts

Adventures of a Midwesterner in the Mile High City

22 Jul Typical Monday night. Delicious. Thanks @brian_miller.

Typical Monday night. Delicious. Thanks @brian_miller.

21 Jul Typical night in Denver, a trip to a brewery. This time Crooked Stave.

Typical night in Denver, a trip to a brewery. This time Crooked Stave.

16 Jul

Final destination on Emily and my trip to Aspen and back was a jaunt up the highest paved road in North America. Not a road for the weak-stomached, as the switch backs were rather frightening but it was so much easier, and faster, than actually climbing a 14er!

15 Jul



Go see him! 

Yes!! It is on the list. Maybe both Colorado shows too!!

14 Jul
…real adventures, I reflected, do not happen to people who remain at home: they must be sought abroad.

James Joyce, The Dubliners

14 Jul

New favorite jam. Dig it.

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13 Jul

A trip to Aspen and Hanging Lake is not complete without a trip into Glenwood Springs and up the Gondola to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park for a ride on the Alpine Slide!

10 Jul

Since Emily and I went all the way to Aspen for the Maroon Bells, we couldn’t leave without hiking to Hanging Lake. You know how people build something up so much that you go in with such high expectations and are severely disappointed? Well, that is definitely not the case with Hanging Lake. In fact, the whole Glenwood Canyon area is breathtaking.

09 Jul

This past January I had mentioned to my friend Emily, who had just moved to Denver, that one of the things on my Colorado bucket list was a trip to Aspen to see the Maroon Bells. We made plans for sometime this summer to venture west and two weekends ago we found ourselves watching the sun set at one of the most photographed places in the entire country. The pictures honestly don’t do any justice in how absolutely breathtaking the landscape is, you really need to see if yourself. I can’t wait to go back.

08 Jul

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